Diving Center

Our dive center is fantastic! We have over 500 square meters of space for you to comfortably enjoy your diving adventure. We have a variety of dedicated areas to suit your needs, including classrooms, showrooms, rinse and dry zones, and safe storage rooms for your equipment. Our changing rooms are clean and comfortable, and we even have outdoor hot showers for you to rinse off after a long day swimming in the ocean. You can relax in our backyard, which features comfortable, “Maldivian” chairs where you can sit back, relax, and exchange stories about your amazing underwater experiences. Come visit us soon!

Our diving facilities

We are thrilled to share that our facilities are equipped with the latest and greatest features to enhance your underwater experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced diver, our state-of-the-art facilities cater to all levels.

Our treasure, the “Technical Room”

All compressors are equipped with double filters to ensure the quality of your gasses

Oxygen & Diluent Fills
Oxygen, air, nitrox and trimix is available to make sure that you have exactly the gas you need for your next adventure.
The dive center is equipped of a complete dedicated nitrox / compressor ,with 2  boosters MPS .

3 x 50 200 bar storage gas for different mix gas
2 oxigen/ helium  Analyzer

Equipment :
To make it easier for our customers we have the following re-breather cylinders available:
5  2 liters carbon tanks 300 bar – valve 220 bar 5/8
5  2 liter carbon tanks 225 bar – valve 220  bar M26 outlet
5 backpack in alluminium complete  set up for JJCCR ( you dont need your heavy 3 kg  backpack )

We also carry the following sizes of bailout bottles :
6 Aluminum 80 cuft cylinders.
6 Adapters from 5/6 to M26  for regulators

Sofnolime 797 is in  stock .

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